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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Please go here. Watch and Listen. It will strengthen you.

C.Jane: This is what I know.


Talk To Me said...

Abby, I just left a comment about being strengthened by Paulo's prayer. I share his thought in the first part of the prayer. However, after re-reading it. I just want to state that to me, Jesus Is The Way. Thanks, http:/ iamlistening2011.blog spot.com/

Naomi Louise

Abby said...

Thanks, Naomi. I think the best way to think of the thoughts by Abbot Burkhardt is simply to consider this: He is saying, "I drew a circle and took you in." He is saying that no matter what we believe, we are all God's children, and one family. It sounds to me like that's probably what you believe, too.