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Thursday, November 20, 2008

What will our gift to the Savior be?

We are celebrating his birth after all. I was just wondering what each of you will be doing this Christmas Season to recognize Him, share His love and bless others. I've been pondering on this and would love to hear what everyone has to say!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Faith not Fear

Isaiah 7:4 Take heed and be quiet; fear not neither be fainthearted.

So essentially: listen and have faith.

So simple and straightforward, yet so applicable to life right now. Fear seems to be the motivator behind much control issues and self-esteem issues. Satan plays on those fears and they are perpetuated inside of us by untrue thoughts that we don't recognize as untrue and keep thinking. I think that guilt, depression, discouragement and much more negative things come from fear and from these untrue thoughts. When I read this from Isaiah, it just connected all those dots for me and I realized that our Heavenly Father doesn't use fear as a motivator. He doesn't use guilt, discouragement. These are Satan's tools. Heavenly Father uses faith and love. If we stop for a minute.....stop fearing.... and just listen with faith then the truth can come to us through the Holy Ghost and our thoughts can be true and our feelings can be based on those true thoughts and we can grow in faith and obedience.......and not fear. We can truly go forward in faith.
I am thankful for the scriptures that teach so much, for our wise Heavenly Father who teaches line, upon line and for the Spirit who brings truth to our attention in so many different ways.