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Friday, February 29, 2008


I love to photograph flowers in Natural light. Sometimes, they just seem to glow. Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

You are Holy

“Motherhood …is near to divinity. It is the highest, holiest service to be assumed by mankind. It places her who honors its holy calling and service next to the angels.”(In James R. Clark, comp., Messages of the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 6 vols. (1965–75), 6:178.

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Mosiah 5:13

For how knoweth a man the master whom he has not served, and who is a stranger unto him, and is far from the thoughts and intents of his heart?

Keeping the thoughts and intents of my heart close to the Savior is the secret of my happiness.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

We are now an award winning site!

The Motherhood Support Center has given The Peaceable Walk its "Outstanding Motherhood Site Award" - which we think is very exciting. Also, we convinced the creator of The Motherhood Support Center, Kersten Campbell, to be an author on The Peaceable Walk, so we will be hearing more from her!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Valentine's Day Flowers

My family sent these tulips and iris by mail - the most wonderful surprise and a timely gift of love. I can't help myself - I must photograph or preserve flowers in some way. I'd love to paint them someday. I'm sure that I will.

The Purpose

I am taking care of myself in a funny way. I’m being very careful about what I expect from myself. I do what I absolutely have to, and let things go that aren’t essential to life. I recognize how important scripture study and prayer are, and always have been in my life. It is amazing to me, however, the distinct flow of the Spirit that I feel when I read the scriptures. Yesterday was a particularly trying day on an emotional level. Amazingly Unbelievably Difficult. At the end of the day, I pulled the Book of Mormon up on my web browser and began reading Mosiah 2. Granted, this is King Benjamin’s discourse, and it is powerful. I literally felt the flow, like cool running water into my parched soul, the precious reserves of the Spirit that I needed.
If I am careful about the “necessary for life” things, spiritual as well as physical, I know I will come through this deepening trial unharmed, with deeper faith and a more abiding love and appreciation for my Savior. Aren’t we told that is the purpose of our trials?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

"It is well with my soul"

Life has been a real struggle for me lately. Once again, without realizing it, I've piled on way more than I can handle. When my world and peace began to unravel, I figured there was something wrong with me. Life stopped being fun, I was running and running. I started feeling more and more desperate. I would go to sleep dreading the morning, and wake up feeling the same way. Last week was the worst. I was in the middle of an impossibly busy day, grocery shopping. I only got through half of my list, when I knew I needed to go home. I just couldn't start crying in the middle of the store! That day, I began a total and complete flake-out. No mutual, no song practice, no karate the next day. You know what? The world didn't end- it felt soooo good! Then my husband went out of town and came back just in time to start another grueling week. I had a house guest the entire time he was gone. When life got hard, I felt so alone. I felt embarrassed really confiding in anyone. I hated the thought that anyone would judge me, and wonder why I couldn't handle life. I really wanted to be able to just smile, and get everything done that I thought I should. I kept asking the Lord to bless me with that. It makes me smile now, to realize I was asking the Lord to let me run faster than I had strength. He needed to let me buckle under the weight I'd put on myself before I'd be willing to put anything down. I'm there now, I'm plenty willing! An amazing thing happened to me this morning: my visiting teacher (who is moving out of the country today) called and told me she was bringing me dinner. She woke up at three this morning, and knew what she needed to do for me. She didn't know I'd been falling apart. I came upon this song on someone's blog today, and it's just wrapped me in the peace that Heavenly Father had to wait to give me. With this beautiful song, and a loving gesture, I feel so warm, safe, and loved. Like the song says, "It is well with my soul."

Monday, February 11, 2008

From Today's Reading:

Jacob 4:10

. . . Seek not to counsel the Lord, but to take counsel from his hand. For behold, ye yourselves know that he counseleth in wisdom, and in justice, and in great mercy over all his works.

Enough said.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Follow Me.

There's a popular saying that I have a little trouble with. It's very simple. "Follow your Bliss." I would change it just a little bit. For me, it would be, "Follow your Peace." Lately, my world has been churning with decision and change. Those kinds of times naturally lend themselves to feeling lost and uncertain. I have been so grateful to have the Holy Ghost with me, to help me in each footstep. From time to time, I start feeling nervous. I worry a little bit. At those times, I have turned to the Lord and I understand now more than ever why He is called the "Prince of Peace." When I remember to "Follow my Peace" there is a road stretching out in front of me and a firm hand guiding me, and no matter how dark it seems around me I know that I will be okay. I think that is the essence of Faith. Like a child walking in the dark holding the hand of a parent who knows the road and is able to navigate - the child doesn’t need to know where he is going and will still arrive where he needs to be. I am that child, and I have peace as long as I hold tightly to the One who has it to give away.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Roses for You

Everyone needs something beautiful to look at once in a while. These came to me a week ago. I took about 125 photos of them at their peak. They were stunning. I wanted to remember them forever.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Great Parenting Advice

I was at a parenting class one time that I found very useful. I found the notes last week when I was going through some old papers. I was happy to see that I have implemented many of the things into my parenting - while there are still many that I need to work on. Most everything I have posted here came from the teacher, a few things are from me and I have added an asterisk.

Have dozens of positive interactions with my children.
(Zero negative interactions) 20 or more per hour that I am with my kids.
A positive interaction is a hug, kiss, smile, saying something nice such as “I’m glad you are my daughter/son, good job, good thinking, thank you, etc.”
I say “Thank You” a lot.
Praise and acknowledge:
intermittently and randomly
be brief, matter of fact & specific
Praise a specific behavior of one child, even it it is just a little better than the others.

Ignore the things that my kids are doing that drive me crazy.
95% of these things are just age typical behaviors. It’s part of the territory. Remember that behavior that does not get attention weakens and dies. When a behavior can’t be ignored, stop and redirect. Recognize misbehavior as a need to teach appropriate behavior.
You create the environment where your child can behave appropriately. Eliminate, as much as possible, the opportunities for a young child to “get into trouble”.
When it can’t be ignored, state simply, “That is not acceptable in our home.” Remove child to a place where they can’t interact with the family.
Use teaching time to cover “bugging” issues, swearing, etc. Don’t get upset about these things as they are happening. Let the child teach about an issue that is a concern for them.

Give positive attention to the appropriate behaviors I want to continue.
Remember that behavior that does not get attention weakens and dies. I don’t want appropriate behaviors to die.
*So often we spend all of our time correcting rather than engaging our kids positively. How do we feel when others approach us that way. How much do we want to be around them? On the other hand, how much do we long to be with those that love us despite our weaknesses, and constantly help us to see the good in ourselves?

Make it a point to have appropriate physical interaction with my kids.
Hugs are great.
*The world is so concerned with what is inappropriate, that we forget how positive and uplifting appropriate interaction is. Sometimes, a hug or an arm around your shoulders is all that you need to break down barriers and get to the heart of the problem.

Stay in Control.
When my kids misbehave I will not react in kind. I am not in control if I have lost my temper. An ounce of don’t say is worth a pound of I didn’t mean it. I will be proactive, not reactive.
Stay cool and calm: “That is an option, but not the one I’d want to choose.”

Let consequences (not treats) manage the behavior.
Clearly state the expectations, have child tell you what is expected, walk away. Follow through and be consistent.
*Make it easy on yourself. Please.

Remember that today is not forever.
I will not fear the worst.
*Do you remember what it was like to be a kid? Help them to see the good in themselves and recognize their own divine potential. Don’t let them fear the worst, either. Help them to understand repentance and their own need for the Savior. Help them to recognize that their life is longer than today and tomorrow, and that the mistakes of today don’t have to be carried forever.

Be of good cheer.
I will maintain a Christlike countenance.
Be a parent like Heavenly Father. The Spirit reinforces good & truth.
*Express your faith to your children. Be real with them, and allow them to see how much you need the Lord in your life to help you each day.
*Always make amends when you fail to maintain control. Allow them to recognize that you, too have expectations of yourself and your own behavior. There are consequences in your life as well for poor behavior. Hold yourself to the same rules that you expect them to live by.

Read the Scriptures.


Be Still

I was pleading with the Lord this morning, begging for his help and protection for my family. This was the answer. "Be Still." It reminds me of all the times I'm trying to help my children, while at the same time they are fidgeting and squirming for whatever reason. Isn't that what we always say? "Be Still." I was very grateful to have been in a quiet enough moment that I could hear the answer - and that I was able to relax and let it go. I am always amazed at how the Lord is able to make more of me, my time and my life than I can on my own. I will do what I can, and then be still and wait to see His hand in my life.