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Saturday, March 7, 2009

For the Love of Egypt

Our family has been residents of Cairo, Egypt now for about 2 weeks. We are learning a lot, seeing a lot and having our gratitude grow in so many ways. One thing I noticed right away about life here is that most of the Egyptian people seem to live in survival mode all the time. It really explains why some things are the way they are here....if we all lived in survival mode ALL the time, without really any enforcement of normal laws, things would be a lot more chaotic, self-focused and nonsensical (as Elizabeth Bennet put it).
While sitting in the villa they use for a church house here, I was thinking about this and realized that the pure love of Jesus Christ and His gospel is really the only way to combat these issues. Prostelyting is strictly forbidden here, but loving someone the way Christ does isn't:) I found my loophole and I know it is the way, one person at a time, to break through the chaos and find peace. As I had this thought, a greater capacity to love the people here seemed to overtake my heart. I feel love and peace and a true desire to share that love. There are risks involved, which have stopped some from reaching out....safety, fear, being uncomfortable, etc....but I feel if I(and our family) go forward with loving, open hearts, trusting that Heavenly Father will guide us through the Holy Ghost, then all will work together for our good and the good of the people we come into contact with here in this amazing land called Egypt.

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Egypt! Do Go ON!