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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Purpose

I am taking care of myself in a funny way. I’m being very careful about what I expect from myself. I do what I absolutely have to, and let things go that aren’t essential to life. I recognize how important scripture study and prayer are, and always have been in my life. It is amazing to me, however, the distinct flow of the Spirit that I feel when I read the scriptures. Yesterday was a particularly trying day on an emotional level. Amazingly Unbelievably Difficult. At the end of the day, I pulled the Book of Mormon up on my web browser and began reading Mosiah 2. Granted, this is King Benjamin’s discourse, and it is powerful. I literally felt the flow, like cool running water into my parched soul, the precious reserves of the Spirit that I needed.
If I am careful about the “necessary for life” things, spiritual as well as physical, I know I will come through this deepening trial unharmed, with deeper faith and a more abiding love and appreciation for my Savior. Aren’t we told that is the purpose of our trials?

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