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Friday, February 8, 2008

Follow Me.

There's a popular saying that I have a little trouble with. It's very simple. "Follow your Bliss." I would change it just a little bit. For me, it would be, "Follow your Peace." Lately, my world has been churning with decision and change. Those kinds of times naturally lend themselves to feeling lost and uncertain. I have been so grateful to have the Holy Ghost with me, to help me in each footstep. From time to time, I start feeling nervous. I worry a little bit. At those times, I have turned to the Lord and I understand now more than ever why He is called the "Prince of Peace." When I remember to "Follow my Peace" there is a road stretching out in front of me and a firm hand guiding me, and no matter how dark it seems around me I know that I will be okay. I think that is the essence of Faith. Like a child walking in the dark holding the hand of a parent who knows the road and is able to navigate - the child doesn’t need to know where he is going and will still arrive where he needs to be. I am that child, and I have peace as long as I hold tightly to the One who has it to give away.

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