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Monday, December 24, 2007

Some of My Ideas for this "Place"

This is all happening so fast, and at such a crazy time. I just want to put these things down onto "paper" so that I don't forget them. I'd love to have enough people involved so that we could have specialists in many areas - Women who'd be willing to take on more specialized areas of focus and responsibility for the group. (Talk about vision, as I write, it's just myself and EarlGirl.) For example, I could easily take on Spiritual Questions, especially where it concerns self worth, the Spirit, the scriptures, etc. These are strengths for me. However, I'm personally I'm no expert in physical fitness - so I'd love to find someone out there that is - and who'd be willing to answer questions from others about it. Needless to say, I'm hoping to find women who are "feeling a call" or a need to help others in a personal way. Do you want to uplift, to strengthen and bless others because your heart draws you to it? Are you just not quite sure how to find the people that need you? I know that's me. I think this could be the perfect forum for that.

We could divide it many different ways, but here are some ideas:

Some categories could branch off. For example, there's room in Physical for Nutrition, Exercise, General Health, Illness (including serious illness of self or family members) . . . among other things. There is room in Exercise for Running, Yoga, Weight Training. . .

The possibilities are endless. We could have accountability groups as well, if the specialists, or others are willing to give the extra time. So many could benefit from the friendship and support.

Whatever your talent is - get it out from under that bushel and dust it off! Let's find out just how much we can really do for each other!

And yes, can you tell? I'm getting a little bit excited about those endless possibilities. Please feel free to contact me with any ideas, questions, willingness to engage yourself in this good cause.

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Alli said...

Love this idea, Abby! Earlgirl's post WAS inspiring and I'm with you on this. I hate to commit and then flake when life gets so busy, but I DO want to try to be part however I can. I enjoy physical fitness and my husband and I work out together and like to try all kinds of different exercises and programs. This new year we'll be stretching ourselves by doing a program called P90X. It's a follow up to Slim in 6 and P90, so we'll see how hard it kicks our butts! Anyway, I'd be happy to help answer what I can in that department...but I am by NO MEANS a specialist!! Let me know what I can do!