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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

LDS Humanitarian Service Project Blog is up . . .

and although I wouldn't quite describe it as "running", I would say that if you'd like to help out or have information you'd like to add, email me! The link to the blog is on the sidebar, and will be permanent.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you!! I think that the humanitarian service project blog is a wonderful idea.

I would be interested in what we could do to help with what recently occurred in Myanmar.

Lds.org lists what the survivors need the most at this moment.

Also the best thing suggested on the website is to call or e-mail the Latter-Day Saint Humanitarian Center, to see if there are changes in what is needed the most at the moment.

Guidelines can be found on lds.org or provident living: http://www.lds.org/ldsfoundation/welfare/donationshelp/0,16845,1335-1-9,00.html