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Monday, March 17, 2008

Purpose for all Things

After I had my fifth baby it was a hard time of feeling far from the Lord and rather emotionally weak and sad. I wondered what had happened because I used to be so strong and never sad. It was like Moses, when he said "I found out without the Lord I was nothing, which thing I never had supposed." So finally when I received the inspiration on how to fix the problem through more regular temple attendance and was feeling better I wondered why it had taken so long for me to get that inspiration. The thought came to me that it was so that I would truly understand where our power comes from...that then I might be able to testify to others where true power comes from. It's amazing. There is a purpose for all things even though we may not understand.

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Abby said...

It's true, the Lord has to let us feel the full effect of our distance from Him, for us to be able to truly appreciate the strength that comes from having drawn near unto Him. I recognize now the times in my life when I felt I needed Him most, but wasn't putting in the work. The difference between then, and how I feel now is astonishing. It is wonderful to be able to testify of the sustaining power of the Lord, and to know that my peace truly can be as a river. That's the way my life is now - I'm bobbing around on this river of peace even though the circumstances of my life are increasingly difficult. The Lord provides a way, the strength and the peace to do what we must do.